January 2017: Loksys G|A|S GmbH trusts the Enterprise Europe Network’s support for identifying reliable sales partners in Europe. In 2008 the European-wide network was launched by the European Commission to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe who want to internationalize their businesses. One of the instruments used by Loksys G|A|S GmbH is the large cooperation database of the network, through which companies can search and identify international cooperation and technology partners. The Schleswig-Holstein based company’s record in the cooperation database called the attention of the Dutch Wilbert Trading BV. Through the help of the regional contacts of the Enterprise Europe Network in the Netherlands and Schleswig-Holstein, a direct contact was established quickly and a cooperation agreement between both companies was signed in January 2017. More information on the Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg - Schleswig-Holstein is available on the website www.een-hhsh.de. Contact person is Mrs. Annette Moritz, moritz@wtsh.de.


December 2016: Support for the participation of Loksys G|A|S GmbH at the trade fair transport logistic in Munich from May 9. to 12. 2017. Again this year, Loksys G|A|S GmbH will participate in the trade fair transport logistics 2017 in Munich – this time with support and facilitation from the State Program for Economic Affairs: Funded by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the German Federation and the State of Schleswig-Holstein [Poster]. Eligible are activities for entering new markets abroad. Here the promotion of international marketing activities to increase the distribution of the container security device Trakalok and the associated web platform, offered by LoksysG|A|S GmbH through participation at the transport logistic 2017 in München vom 09. bis 12. Mai. 2017. Transport logistic is the world's leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. Additional information on support and funding is made available on the [website] of Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WT.SH) / Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein.


September 2016: Loksys G|A|S GmbH expands service to East Africa and assigns representative in Tanzania. Through joint projects with DHL in the DRC first experiences were made on the African continent. Between 2013 and 2015 transport projects as the distribution of tobacco products within the DRC and transports for United Nations organizations from the port of Dar es Salaam to Northeastern regions of the Congo were successfully concluded with a loss rate of zero percent. The strategic importance of the port of Dar es Salaam was realized and the search for a partner in Tanzania started. Shortly after Mr. John Odhiambo from Tanzania was introduced to Loksys G|A|S GmbH, he became assigned as representative in Dar es Salaam. Now, Trakalok container security devices are available on rental or sales base and customers in Tanzania and East Africa can enjoy the performance and the functionality of the Trakalok container security system.

Loksys G|A|S Logo

August 2016: Due to the transfer of the security business from ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH to Loksys G|A|S GmbH last year, the domain iss-systems was shut down in April 2016, after a one year transition period. Within the first four weeks, Emails sent to iss-systems.com were answered with an undeliverable notification. After a domain trader took over iss-systems.com, the domain is active again and can be found. Now Emails sent to iss-systems.com are not answered with an undeliverable notification and the sender is not informed about the failure of his attempt to communicate with iss-systems.com.


May 2015: The transport logistic exhibition in Munich will take place from 05. to 08. of May. We are participating again, this year for the third time. Together with our partners Loksys Solutions Ltd., a&b Insurance Brokers and GGL Security we are going to introduce developments and innovations around our container security device Trakalok at booth B5/445. We are looking forward to exciting discussions about actual projects and hardware developments. We are introducing our new web platform which offers various tools to support our customer’s business in the field of transport management and cargo security. Last not least we will offer cooperation opportunities with our partners especially in the field of transport insurance.

Loksys G|A|S Logo

April 2015: We are pleased to introduce our new company Loksys G|A|S GmbH, which developed out of the Freight Guard Systems division of ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH. In short: The container security business has grown up and receives now facilities for further growth.


Die Verkehrsrundschau berichtet am 03.02.2014 über: Planenschlitzer auf ostdeutschen Autobahnen. Wenn Fernfahrer in ihren Trucks schlafen, werden verstärkt Diebesbanden aktiv. Sie rauben die LKW aus, ohne dass die Fahrer das merken [mehr]


On 25. of January Lübecker Nachrichten reported as part of the series „local economy” about ISS Industrial Supply Service – Freight Guard Systems and Trakalok [more]


Berlin supermarkets discover banana boxes stuffed with cocaine (Reuters, 07.01.2014) Boxes filled with bananas and cocaine were delivered to five Berlin supermarkets in what police on Tuesday called a "logistical error" by drug smugglers [more]


On 10. of December 2013 Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung reported in their container special about our container security and monitoring system Trakalok [more]


End of November 2013 ISS Freight Guard Systems provided Trakalok tracking-technology for an aid convoy which drove from North Germany to Romania [more]

BBC Online

Police warning after drug traffickers' cyber-attack (BBC News Europe, 16.10.2013) The head of Europe's crime fighting agency has warned of the growing risk of organized crime groups using cyber-attacks to allow them to traffic drugs [more]


In cooperation with Hanseatische Schutz- und Wachdienst GmbH Trakalok is guarding material and tools containers on wind park construction sites since August 2013.[more]

trans aktuell

On 05. April 2013 "trans aktuell" (newspaper for transport, traffic and management) reported about our container security and monitoring system Trakalok [more]


30.05.2013 - press release at Reuters: UK based Loksys Solutions Trakalok device provides a state of the art tracking and transit monitoring service for the Ecuadorian Customs Authority [mehr]


CEVA launches new China-Europe railway service - Saving customers freight costs and improving transit times - Shanghai, China, 20 March, 2013 – CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, today announced the launch of a new China to Europe railway service. CEVA’s new China-Europe railway service connects Suzhou in China with the Netherlands in Europe. The total transit time for the whole journey is approximately 28 days, covering an 11,000 km northern route moving from Suzhou in China, across Russia to arrive in the Netherlands [more]

Romanian Gang

Last year, ITN News published a video which was released by the Romanian police showing a gang’s attempt to rob a truck whilst speeding along a motorway in the dark.
[continue to video].


We are going to introduce our container security system Trakalok on the second Bavarian IT Innovation Congress at the IT Speicher in Regensburg on 05. December 2012 [more].


In der Juni Ausgabe berichtet die Zeitschrift Log.Kompass unter dem Titel „Illusion einer sicheren Kette“ über das Thema: Sicherheit in der Lieferkette und zeigt Initiativen, Entwicklungen und damit verbundene Anforderungen auf. [PDF download]


Auf der erstmals ausgerichteten Logistikmesse "Transfairlog" vom 12.06. bis 14.06.2012 in Hamburg stellte die ISS GmbH Freight Guard Systems Neuerungen und Weiterentwicklungen rund um das Containersicherungssystem Trakalok vor. Fachbesuchern wurden die Möglichkeiten des auf GPS / GPRS Technik basierenden Sicherungssystemes auch an Hand eines Gewinnspieles demonstriert. Mitspieler tippten und markierten die Adresse an der sich ein aktives Trakalok um 16:00 Uhr im Stadtgebiet von Hamburg befand. Gespielt wurde über die Loksys Business Plattform, in der die Tips online markiert wurden. Unterstützt wurde der erfolgreiche Messauftritt auch durch das charmante Auftreten der Trakalok-Hostessen, die Besucher am Stand informierten und mit Eiscreme erfrischten. Neben der Pflege von bestehenden Kontakten, konnten auch neue, qualitativ hochwertige Kontakte geknüpft werden, so das die Transfairlog für ISS Freight Guard Systems ein Erfolg war.


We are going to present new developments and innovations around our container security and monitoring system Trakalok at the 2012 transfairlog exhibition in Hamburg from 12. to 14. June 2012. Together with our customers, we will play the "Trakalok closest to the pin" raffle at our booth A3 / 442. Players guess and mark the address of an active Trakalok device which is traveling in the Hamburg city area. The game is played on the Loksys business platform by marking location guesses online. Winners will be drawn every day at 16:00. www.transfairlog.com

KFZ Anzeiger

On 15. December 2011, the German magazine KFZ Anzeiger [www.kfz-anzeiger.com] had a special focus on the topic: Security for cargo, vehicle and driver. Trakalok was introduced in issue 24/11 with the one page article "thieves without a chance" [PDF download]  

CNN Logo

On 11. November 2011 CNN reported: Modern-day highway robbers costing industry billions - Cargo crime - where goods are stolen in transit - has risen dramatically over the last decade, costing up to $50 billion a year … GPS tracking and secure parking for truckers among solutions [continue to CNN]


This interesting editorial was published in the German Kfz Anzeiger on 12 May 2011. Chief-Editor Lutz Gerritzen writes here about cargo theft [PDF download]


Trakalok auf der nex-con 2011 in Bad Segeberg (12.08.2011)

Am 8. September findet in Bad Segeberg die Veranstaltung nex-con 2011 statt. Themen der Fachausstellung sind: Versorgung, Sicherheit, Wertschöpfung und Nachhaltigkeit.

ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH
– Freight Guard Systems wird teilnehmen und Trakalok vorstellen.

Trakalok ist ein System zur Sicherung und Positionsbestimmung von Containern, Wechselbrücken, und Stückgutsendungen, das individuell für unterschiedliche Sicherheitsanforderungen konfiguriert werden kann.
Für Fachbesucher ist die Teilnahme an dieser Veranstaltung kostenfrei. Aus organisatorischen Gründen bittet der Veranstalter um eine schriftliche Anmeldung mit Information über Name, Vorname, Funktion und Firma des Teilnehmers.

Anmeldungen nehmen wir unter info@iss-systems.com gern entgegen. Anmeldeschluss für diese Veranstaltung ist der 25. August. 

Zum Herunterladen des Plakates hier klicken !

Fokusierte Neuausrichtung der ISS Geschäftsbereiche (08.08.2011)

Bedingt durch das Wachstum, in den einzelnen Geschäftsbereichen, wurde die ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH neu strukturiert und in die Abteilungen internationaler Handel und Vertrieb von Sicherungs- und Überwachungssystemen aufgegliedert.

Die Abteilung International Trade, ist weiter als klassisches Handelshaus im Import und Export tätig und bietet wie gewohnt kundenspezifische Lösungen zu bestmöglichen Preisen. International Trade wird ab Mitte September mit eigener Webpräsens (www.iss-trade.com) vertreten sein.

Freight Guard Systems wird Produkte zur Sicherung und Überwachung von Containern, Wechselbrücken und Stückgutsendungen vertreiben und den Kompetenzvorsprung weiter ausbauen. Kernprodukt ist Trakalok, die wirtschaftliche Lösung zur Sicherung von Frachtbehältern. Auch Freight Guard Systems wird ab Mitte September mit einer eigenen Webpräsens (www.iss-systems) vertreten sein.  


ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH introduced Trakalok at the transport logistic 2011 fair in Munich from 10. to 13. Mai 2011. The Schleswig Holstein pavilion was the perfect stage for the introduction of Trakalok to the German market [continue to fair impressions]

ISS Industrial Suppy Service in GmbH umgewandelt (29.04.2011)

Vor dem Hintergrund der positiven Geschäftsentwicklung des vergangenen Jahres und im Hinblick auf die positive Gesamtperspektive der ISS ist die Gesellschaft nach einem Jahr seit Ihrer Gründung als sogenannte "Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)" mit Umwandlungs- und Kapitalerhöhungsbeschluss am 28. April 2011 in eine GmbH umgewandelt worden. Im Rahmen der Kapitalerhöhung hat sich der Steuerberater Hartmut Zantopp an der Gesellschaft beteiligt und wird seine Kompetenzen auf dem Gebiet des nationalen und internationalen Finanzwesens zukünftig aktiv in die Gesellschaft einbringen.
Der Firmenname lautet ab sofort: ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH 

ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH stellt Trakalok in Deutschland vor (14.03.2011)

ISS Industrial Supply Service GmbH wird Trakalok, das Container Sicherungs- und Überwachungssystem mit Echtzeitalarm und –positionsbestimmung, auf der transport logistic 2011 in München vorstellen. Vom 10. bis 13. Mai 2011 finden Sie ISS und Trakalok auf dem schleswig-holsteinischen Gemeinschaftsstand in Halle A5, Standnummer 435.